How to Watch the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza

The 2024 TYR Wodapalooza kicks off today. For the next four days some of the top athletes will be competing as an individual and/or on a team of 3. Here is everything you need to live stream and keep up with the action.


The elite individuals will take on five events on Thursday and Friday while the elite teams have six events over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

GOWOD Mobility Hero

Action kicks off Thursday morning at 11:40am for the elite individuals.

Here is the link to a very high-level schedule of the elite competition times. Download the TYR Wodapalooza app on iTunes or Play Store for a more detailed schedule, along with the community divisions.


Check out our recent article for the complete list of elite individuals and teams (with athlete rosters).


If you want to keep up on who’s atop the standings, head over to Competition Corner for the live leaderboard.


The official elite and LatAm divisions will have a live stream with full commentary throughout the weekend. THere will also be wide angle cameras for each stage for the community divisions. Head over to the Loud and Live YouTube channel for all live streams.

And every morning, I will be joining Shut Up & Scribble’s live show from the TYR Wodapalooza podcast stage to share the top stories heading into each day.

And then if you want event previews and recaps, head over to the Sevan Podcast on YouTube where they will breakdown the action after each event and look ahead to the next one.

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