The European Championships Announce Partnership With 10X Athletic

Is 10X Athletic the sponsor who is coming in to pay the podium finishers, venue and staff of The European Championships? The past month has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs for those watching what is going to happen with The European Championships.

Jason CF Media broke the news a month ago that podium finishers at this year’s TEC had not yet received their prize money. Since then, event organizer Carl Saville has emailed athletes with plans to run a 2023 event in a double-or-nothing attempt to salvage the competition and pay the athletes their prize money from this year.

And as recently as last week, Richard Hornsey was days away from finalizing a deal to take over The European Championships, pay the athletes and try to keep the annual competition up and running. However, right before the contract was signed, Saville ended talks with Hornsey and said he had a sponsor that was going to come in a save the day.

Today, The European Championships announced their partnership with 10X Athletic

While the announcement did not clearly specify that this partnership means the podium finishers, venue and staff will be paid for the 2022 competition, it appears this is what the post is implying.

A quick glance through 10X Athletic’s Instagram page appears that its target market is in the bodybuilding space. Outside of The European Championships, the only notable CrossFit athlete that follows 10X Athletic is Nasser Alruwayeh. If you recall, Alruwayeh was recently sanctioned by CrossFit for failing a drug test. However, Alruwayeh received a lesser 2-year sanction after he proved the supplement he was taken was tainted.

The ink has barely dried in the partnership between The European Championships and 10X Athletic, but many athletes are likely impatiently waiting to find out if this means their prize money will be coming soon. We will continue to follow the situation and provide updates as they develop.

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