Nasser Alruwayeh Sanction Update AND Status of CrossFit Games Drug Testing

On Monday we reported that Nasser Alruwayeh received a two-year sanction for failing an in-competition drug test at the Far East Throwdown Semifinal earlier this year. CrossFit’s announcement, however, did not specify why he received a reduced sanction. We reached out to CrossFit to get additional information as well as an update on drug testing conducted at the 2022 CrossFit Games.

According to CrossFit, Alruwayeh was able to prove that the supplement he was taking was tainted with metabolites of GW1516 (or GW501516). Because of this, CrossFit reduced the standard 4-year suspension to just two years.

Also earlier this week, CrossFit handed down a 4-year sanction to Taylor Streid after her drug test showed levels of ostarine. Both Streid and Stephen Wallace, teammates on Team Blues City CrossFit Gold, tested positive for the banned substance. While Streid has shared on Instagram that the supplement in question was an NSF-certified electrolyte, CrossFit still handed down a 4-year sanction.

When asked why Wallace’s appeal is still under review, CrossFit indicated that they waited to begin Wallace’s appeal until they concluded Streid’s. It is not known how long Wallace’s case will be under appeal.

As for the 2022 CrossFit Games drug testing, two athletes, Tommy Tillman and Bart Walsh, have already been sanctioned for failing in-competition drug tests at this year’s Games. But, according to CrossFit, there is still one athlete whose failed drug test is still under appeal. We don’t know who the athlete is or even what division it is from.

So stay tuned as we will let you know once the final announcement is made.

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