Carolina Gutierrez Failed Drug Test at 2023 CrossFit Games

Carolina Gutierrez finished 3rd at the 2023 CrossFit Games in the Women’s 45-49 year-old age group division. However, Gutierrez, a masters athlete from Brazil, has failed the in-competition drug test conducted at the CrossFit Games. Gutierrez’s sample tested positive for metabolites of GW501516.

Gutierrez has appealed the result.

The failed drug test is the first from the CrossFit Games. 

This was Gutierrez’s first appearance at the CrossFit Games. She has competed in the CrossFit Open eight times since 2014 and has qualified for the Age Group Quarterfinals five years. This year, her first in the 45-49 year old division, was the first time she advanced to Semifinals and the Games.

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