CrossFit Games Qualifier Ivan Kukartsev Among Four Athletes to Fail Drug Test

Four athletes have failed an in-competition drug test while at one of the CrossFit Semifinals. Three of the top four individual male athletes from the Asia Semifinal and a team athlete from the North America East Semifinal all submitted samples that contained banned substances. The athletes who failed a drug test include Ivan Kukartsev, Illias Kuliev, Anatolii Borisenko and Tyler Lee.

Kukartsev won the Asia Semifinal and qualified for his rookie appearance at the 2024 CrossFit Games. Kukartsev’s sample contained GW1516-sulfone, GW1516-sulfoxide and metabolites of GW501516 in addition to LGD-4033, dihydroxy-LGD-4033 and metabolites of LGD-4033.

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Kuliev took third place at the Asia Semifinal, just one spot outside of a qualifying spot to the CrossFit Games. Kuliev’s sample tested positive for 3a-hydroxy-2a-methyl-5a-androstan-17-one, a metabolite of Drostanolone.

The fourth place finisher at the Asia Semifinal also tested positive for banned substances. Borisenko’s drug test contained GW1516-sulfone and GW1516-sulfoxide, metabolites of GW501516.

All three men have appealed the findings with CrossFit.

With Kukartsev, Kuliev and Borisenko all failing a drug test, it leaves Arthur Semenov as the only individual male athlete to represent Asia at this year’s CrossFit Games. Asia was allocated two spots for the individual men’s competition. It is unclear if CrossFit will backfill Kukartsev’s spot should his appeal be denied. Ilya Makarov, who finished 5th at the Semifinal, would be next in line.

On the team side, Tyler Lee, a member of CrossFit Mayhem Somos, also failed his drug test. Lee’s sample contained 3a-hydroxy-2a-methyl-5a-androstan-17-one, a metabolite of Drostanolone as well as GW1516-sulfone and GW1516-sulfoxide, metabolites of GW501516. Lee has appealed the result.

CrossFit Mayhem Somos finished 7th at the North America East Semifinal and qualified for the 2024 CrossFit Games. Should Lee’s appeal be denied and CrossFit backfills their spot, the 9th place team, CrossFit Levis Mayhem, would be invited.

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