Day 2 Recap of the 2019 CrossFit Games

Day 2 featured two events for the teams and three for the individuals, which cut the field down to 20 athletes.


       MEN’S TOP 5                                 WOMEN’S TOP 5


Our take on Day 2

Starting with 50 athletes to begin the day left the question of how and when Dave Castro would cut the field to 40, 30 and 20. It took three events to cut more than half the field.

To start the day, all 50 athletes on both the men’s and women’s side grabbed their ruck pack and ventured around North Park — a 1,500-meter course — four times to complete a 6,000-meter ruck run, where every lap each athlete added weighted sand bags to their ruck totaling up to 50 lbs. It was a hot and grueling process that saw some athletes cramp up and stop running.


Lukas Hogberg started fast the first two laps and stayed consistent the final two, besting second-place finisher Joshua Wichtrup by 20 seconds. Canadian rookie Emily Rolfe took home the Ruck for her first event win, beating back-to-back champion Tia-Clair Toomey by two seconds.


The six-minute cap for the sprint couplet was more of a formality for these elite athletes. All athletes finished under four minutes, and the highlight was Amanda Barnhart displaying her leg strength when she chased down Jaime Greene on the final 172-ft. sled push to secure the victory. On the men’s side, Games rookie Matt McLeod went fast out of the gate and narrowly defeated Noah Ohlsen by 1.1 seconds to record his first event win.


There is nothing like the Alliance Energy Center at night when the lights are capturing every bead of sweat off the athletes in a CrossFit staple workout many of the remaining athletes have completed a time or two — Mary.


20-min. AMRAP:
10 pistols
15 pull-ups

With a three-point differential from first to third, leader Mat Fraser had Ohlsen nipping at his heels.

Here’s how it went down:

After 15 rounds, Ohlsen had a 15 second lead over Fraser. Four rounds later, that lead trimmed down to 11 seconds. Ohlsen then decided to break up his first set of pull-ups on his 21st round. After his tenth pistol, Ohlsen knew with three seconds left every rep mattered. He knocked out two pull-ups as time expired. It was his first event win, and it came when he needed it most. The fan-favorite kid from Miami, Fla. finds himself in first place heading into Saturday with a two-point lead over Fraser.

Kari Pearce beat the women and the men with 23 rounds and five handstand push-ups. Toomey will start Day 3 in her white leader’s jersey, with a 12-point lead over Pearce.


Below is a list of notable athletes who will not continue to Day 3.


Brent Fikowski — 2019 finish – 23rd 2018 finish – 4th

Sean Sweeney — 2019 finish – 24th 2018 finish – 22nd

Alex Vigneault — 2019 finish – 25th 2018 finish – Did not compete

Jason Smith — 2019 finish – 27th 2018 finish – Did not compete

Ben Smith — 2019 finish – 29th 2018 finish – 12th

Ryan Sowder — 2019 finish – 30th 2018 finish Did not compete


Colleen Fotsch — 2019 finish 28th 2018 finish – Did not compete

Dani Speegle — 2019 finish 27th 2018 finish – Did not compete

Camilla Salomonsson Hellman — 2019 finish 26th 2018 finish – 24th

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