Scott Tetlow Receives Penalty for Pull-up Bar Height on 23.2A

Yesterday, Scott Tetlow had the best score on 23.2A, the 15-minute AMRAP of burpee pull-ups and shuttle walks runs. Tetlow posted a score 198 reps, which was the best score in the world. This morning, however, Tetlow’s not on the top of the leaderboard any more.

In the last few hours, CrossFit handed out a penalty to Tetlow’s 23.2A score. As of this morning, Tetlow’s score now stands at 169 reps, a reduction of 29 reps, or 15% of his original posted score. The penalty drops Tetlow from 1st in the workout down to 422nd.

In speaking with Tetlow, CrossFit handed out the penalty saying his arms were not locked out when measuring the height of the pull-up bar. Upon being notified of the penalty, Tetlow appealed the decision statin that he is “physically unable to straighten my arms all the way as seen in the demo picture.”

You can see the still shot of Tetlow reaching above his head to show the height of the pull-up bar below.

While Tetlow will not get the $2,023 for winning the workout, he will still be advancing to the next stage of Quarterfinals as he is still in 37th overall in the worldwide standings. The penalty now moves Charles Curran into the top spot of the workout. Curran completed 191 reps.

Curran competes out of CrossFit Krypton and currently sits in 6,798th in world overall after the first two weeks of the Open. Last year, Curran qualified for Quarterfinals where he ended up finishing 935th overall. 

As for Tetlow, his 23.2 workout video is on his YouTube channel and is public. You can watch the entire video below.


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