Team Rosters Now Available on CrossFit Games Leaderboard

In the team competition, teams are not required to declare their official six-person roster until registering for Quarterfinals. In many cases, all members of an affiliate are “on” the team and could potentially have their score used toward their team score in the CrossFit Open.

But once Quarterfinals arrive, teams must declare the six athletes who will continue on during the season. Four of those athletes will be on the active roster while two (one male and one female) will be used in an alternate role capacity.

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Most of the high profile teams were already known thanks to social media and Pedro’s coverage of teams earlier this year. However, knowing the rosters of some of the lesser known teams or teams that had changes to their roster were unknown…until yesterday afternoon.

While rosters were technically locked at the close of the first score submission window Saturday night, rosters were not visible anywhere on the CrossFit Games website. Then, yesterday, a day after the final score submission window was closed, rosters were still not available, many started to question where they were. Heck, even I made a meme about it yesterday morning.

Then, yesterday afternoon the CrossFit Games leaderboard was updated and the official six-person rosters were made available.

To view a team’s roster, you can click on the ‘View Profile’ link on the team leaderboard where the 2024 team roster is visible. 

Official 2024 roster of CrossFit Invictus

For the teams advancing to Semifinals and potentially to the CrossFit Games, the rosters are locked and no further changes can be made. Prior to Semifinals (and the Games) during the on-site registration, teams must declare the four athletes (two men and two women) who will be on the competition roster.

So if you want to check out a team’s roster, head over to the Games leaderboard

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