Trent Williams, Member of CrossFit 10 Star Hybrids, Failed Drug Test

Another athlete has failed a drug test stemming from this year’s CrossFit Semifinals. Trent Williams competed on the CrossFit 10 Star Hybrids at the REBEL Renegade Games, home to the Africa Semifinal. The team originally finished in 3rd place at the Africa Semifinal, but that will now be invalidated.

Williams’ drug test sample tested positive for Clomiphene, a banned substance per CrossFit’s Drug Testing Policy. As a result of the failed drug test Williams has received a 4-year sanction from competing in CrossFit competitions. The sanction expires May 21, 2027.

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In speaking with Williams, he admitted that he took Clomiphene back in January and did not realize that it could still be in his system months later.

This is the first year Williams has competed on a team. The previous two seasons he qualified for Semifinals as an individual. He finished 14th at the CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town Semifinal in 2021 and followed that up with an 11th place finish last year.

Williams is the second team athlete from the Africa Semifinal to fail a drug test. Last month Angelique Connoway tested positive for GW501516. She was on the 1st place team, CrossFit FBDV Mayhem Africa. Connoway withdrew her appeal and also received a 4-year sanction.

Backfilling CrossFit FBDV Mayhem Africa’s spot to the CrossFit Games is the 2nd place team, Cape CrossFit Wolfpack.

The announcement of Williams’ failed drug test marks the third athlete to test positive from the in-competition drug testing conducted at the Semifinals this year. All three athletes have been on teams. The other athlete who tested positive was Alyssa Wilhelm from CrossFit 8035, which finished 12th at the North America West Semifinal.

With Williams’ announcement today, the question that looms is whether we will see more positive drug tests in the coming days or weeks. 

The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games is just 18 days away, but according to an official statement from CrossFit to The Barbell Spin on July 7, “Not all test results have been provided at this time. CrossFit will announce any failed tests in accordance with the Drug Testing Policy.”

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