Watch Annie Thorisdottir, Sara Sigmundsdottir & Sola Sigurdardottir Do CrossFit Open 23.2

Annie Thorisdottir is back this week, once again sharing her Open workout video. For 23.2, Thorisdottir completed the two-part CrossFit Open workout alongside Sara Sigmundsdottir and Sola Sigurdardottir.

All three women completed the 30 burpee pull-ups and then ended the workout in the middle of that round’s shuttle runs. Their unofficial scores on 23.2, Part A were:

Annie Thorisdottir: 160 reps
Sola Sigurdardottir: 159 reps
Sara Sigmundsdottir: 157 reps

Thorisdottir attempted a 90kg thruster, but failed and then dropped back down to 85kg (187 pounds) where she was able to successfully lift that. It was unclear what Sara and Sola lifted for the 1RM Thruster.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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