93 National Champions to Wear NOBULL Shoes at CrossFit Games

NOBULL to outfit 93 National Champions at the 2019 CrossFit Games. Photo via Instagram/@mikkpiphany
NOBULL to outfit 93 National Champions at the 2019 CrossFit Games. Photo via Instagram/@mikkpiphany

When CrossFit announced that athletes would be able to wear any shoes while competing at the CrossFit Games, we knew it would open doors to sponsorships and other opportunities for athletes.

NOBULL, who recently signed Katrin Davidsdottir, reached out to all of the National Champions to offer NOBULL shoes to wear while competing at the CrossFit Games. So far, according to Todd Meleney, Director of Marketing at NOBULL, 93 National Champions will have NOBULL shoes on their feet during Event 1.

Add their sponsored athletes like Davidsdottir and Brooke Wells, NOBULL will have over 100 athletes in their shoes at the 2019 CrossFit Games.

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IT IS WHAT IT IS. . . Amidst the continuing changes in CF and the CF games, I was lucky to hear from NO BULL who reached out to national champions & *gifted* them shoes for their journey to Madison. . . i was luckier still to sit down with Michael and Marcus and Todd and realize they did so in an effort to support & congratulate these (sometimes) unheard of athletes. . THAT is community and KINDNESS to me. That a small company could extend itself in such a way & support so many of us. That’s what my CF journey to the games has been about: meeting some really cool people I would never have had a chance to ordinarily meet. . . When these boxes showed up at my door, i had to check myself: had i ordered things in my sleep? I am not used to gifts of this magnitude. I am not some hot shot elite sponsored by people (but how lovely it must be!) Today is the first day since i received these gorgeous shoes that I will wear them because finally, i believe they are mine. . . I am beyond grateful for the people who have found me interesting enough to talk to me; who have wanted to hear my take on things. I am so grateful to so many, and i can’t wait to see how many more awesome people I get to meet. . . But thank you to the team @nobullproject You have filled my heart with tremendous gratitude & joy. And Thank you for ensuring my outfit will be on point. Because that’s really what it’s all about 🙂 . . #nobullproject #nobull #justthehorns #teal #runners #gratitude #blessed #fortunate #diamond #gratitude #cfgames

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