Bjorgvin Gudmundsson was the hands down favorite heading into the Europe Regional this weekend. But after Friday, Gudmudsson, also known as BKG, was sitting in 19th place overall.

A 13th place finish in Triple 3 followed by 23rd on Linda, BKG said he did not feel like himself on Friday. Gudmundsson was in a similar position as Games veteran Ben Smith last year. Both athletes were 19th after Day 1, but made a push on Saturday.

BKG did just that. A 2nd and 5th place finish on “Moving Day” put him back into contention, but it wasn’t until after the Chipper on Sunday that BKG was back in the top 5.

With one event left, Gudmundsson held a 20-point lead over CrossFit Games veteran Frederik Aegidius. Gundmundsson ended up holding a solid pace on the final event, keeping an eye on Aegidius to make sure he finished ahead. BKG finished 3rd and qualified in 5th position.

Final Standings
1. Roman Khrennikov (500 pts)
2. Adrian Mundwiler (482)
3. Lukas Hogberg (456)
4. Andrey Ganin (448)
5. Bjorgvin Gundmundsson (426)
6. Frederik Aegidius (376)