CrossFit Launches Licensing Program for CrossFit Competitions

Cassidy Lance at the 2018 CrossFit Games. Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
Cassidy Lance at the 2018 CrossFit Games. Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

In a press release today, CrossFit, Inc. announced it is launching an official program to allow for affiliates and organizations to license a competition and receive limited use of the CrossFit name and logo. These CrossFit-licensed events, however, will not send the winners to the CrossFit Games like CrossFit-sanctioned (Sanctional) events.

Organizers of CrossFit-licensed events will be able to sell merchandise with the CrossFit logo, but will also need to “uphold CrossFit-approved standards for safety and programming.” Licensed competitions must have event insurance and the organizer must be L-1 certified.

These CrossFit-licensed events will also be a feeder system to the Sanctional competitions. Before an event can become a Sanctional, the event must first be approved as a CrossFit-licensed competition.

With this announcement, two CrossFit-licensed competitions have already been granted. The CrossFit Sand Clash in Saudi Arabia and the CrossFit Collegiate Championship in the United States are the first two licensed competitions. The CrossFit Sand Clash is a two-day competition beginning on February 22.

The CrossFit Collegiate Championship will be held at the United States Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 19–21, 2019. Athletes must be under the age of 26 and be full-time students. Registration is open until February 28th. To register, email [email protected]

More details about the program will be announced in the coming months. Stay tuned to The Barbell Spin as this story develops!