Meredith Root Will Take Abbott’s Place at the CrossFit Games

Meredith Root
Meredith Root

Meredith Root did not have the Sunday she wanted to needed back on Memorial Day weekend. Root fell out of the top 5 and into 5th place after the final event on Sunday, leaving her in 6th place and on the outside looking in.

But today Root wakes up in the top 5 following yesterday’s announcement of Emily Abbott’s suspension. Root has been invited by CrossFit to backfill Abbott’s qualifying spot at the 2018 CrossFit Games.

Root, as expected, was excited about the news…

“It has always been a dream of mine to compete on the biggest stage, and I can now officially say that I am #GamesBound! Regardless of how it happened, I am excited for the opportunity and I can’t wait to make the most of it! Also, it’s a good thing I love training so much and didn’t take time off after regionals! Or maybe I should say it’s a good thing Alex likes training so much and wouldn’t LET me take time off after regionals… details. 2 weeks let’s do this!”

Like Root said, she has two weeks until the Games are here to prepare however she can. Root will also be joined by Frederik Aegidius who is also replacing an athlete that failed his drug test. Andrey Ganin was on the list yesterday as well.

Backfilling athletes who were caught doping is new this year. In previous years those spots at the CrossFit Games were left unfilled. Last year Nathan Bramblett was the 6th place finisher after Ryan Elrod tested positive.