Natalie Newhart is Back Competing in Functional Fitness

Over the weekend, Natalie Newhart competed at the 2017 Cascade Classic. The Cascade Classic is just one of several functional fitness events Newhart has competed in over the past few months.

Back in June, Newhart announced on Instagram that she was back training for the CrossFit Games again. Since then, she won the local Oregon CrossFit Best of the West competition.

Since then, Newhart has signed up for two online qualifiers – the Dubai Fitness Championship and The Fittest Experience – in which she currently sits in 16th and 18th midway through both, respectively.

At the Cascade Classic, Newhart finished 5th.

Well I’ll be honest, today did not go as planned or expected. ••• This was probably one of my worst performances to date. And the funny thing is, I felt so freakin’ prepared… so confident in my training and effort leading up to it that I set my expectations too high. ••• Although I didn’t think it’d be easy, I expected to win … and I’m pretty sure a few ppl expected that from me as well. ••• Instead, I walked away from this competition in tears and humbled as fuck. How could I perform so poorly when I felt so prepared?! Maybe I’m not as good as I thought… maybe I really don’t have what it takes… ••• Granted, I have been sick for the past week and my body feels beat up from the Dubai and TFX qualifiers but still, I figured I should be able to handle that right?! Apparently not. ••• At the end of the day, I was disappointed and embarrassed… disappointed to let ppl who believe in me down (@teamcarleen @xfactor_chris @jasonphillipsfitness @marahbaker @tommieb1 @therapydiaportland ) and embarrassed to perform at what I thought was a sub-par level. ••• I won’t let the emotions hold me down though. I realize that this weekend was an opportunity to learn and grow from- what did I do right, what did I do wrong and how I can improve for next time. ••• Remember it’s not the successes in life that show you who you really are… it’s the hardships, the lessons, the failures that build your character and show you what you’re really made of. ••• Thank you to all the volunteers @thecascadeclassic and congrats to all the amazing competitors I got to share the floor with. Till next time… ••• #earnednotgiven #humbleandhungry

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Newhart was suspended from competing in CrossFit-sanctioned competitions for two years after testing positive for oxandrolone, a banned anabolic agent. The suspension runs through March 18, 2018. Since the suspension, Newhart turned her competitive focus to bodybuilding.

The timing of the suspension would likely mean that Newhart will be unable to compete in the 2018 CrossFit Open unless the schedule changes drastically.

Newhart competed at the 2013 CrossFit Games where she finished 30th.