TheĀ 2016 USAW American Open Series will take a look at two weight categories every weekday through Wednesday, December 7, the day before the start of the American Open.

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This is very likely the first international event to include the new Women’s 90kg weight class. While the American Record standards for the new weight class have been set, there is no current champion of this new weight class. The American Record Standard has been set at 251kg and with the highest entry totals at 205kg, it is very unlikely that we will see a record in this new weight category for a while.

Here’s who to look out for this year…

Sarah Estrella

Sarah Estrella at the 2015 National Championships
Photo Credit: Lifting Life (Josh Wilkinson)

Sarah Hopping Estrella is a competitive CrossFitter and is a member of the NPGL’s San Francisco Fire. Estrella has the highest entry total of 205kg, tied with Emelie Parker. There appear to be three lifters that should be competing for the podium, with anyone able to take the top spot.

Emelie Parker

Emelie Parker at the 2016 National Championships
Photo Credit: Lifting Life (Josh Wilkinson)

Emelie Parker is Caine Wilkes girlfriend and she knows how to lift some weight. Parker has been competing in the +75kg weight category, but weighed in at 89.6kg at the 2016 National Championships, so the new 90kg category is perfect for Parker. She finished 4th at the 2016 National Championships behind Marissa Klingseis, Vanessa Front and Mackenzie Roy who are all above 90kg.

Samantha Kleinschmidt

Samantha Kleinschmidt at the 2016 National Championships
Photo Credit: Lifting Life (Josh Wilkinson)

Samantha Kleinschmidt has historically competed in the 75kg weight class so the move gives her the opportunity to not have to cut weight and work up to the new weight category. At the 2016 National Championships, Kleinschmidt took 7th in the 75kg category with a 202kg total. Without the weight limitations, Kleinschmidt should have the ability to improve upon that total.