First Look at the Men’s and Women’s Individual Roster for 2023 Wodapalooza

Last night, Wodapalooza released the full roster of athletes competing in Miami next week. Up to this point, we knew who had earned an invite via the online qualifier along with some of the notable names who received an automatic invite to compete. But now that the official roster is out, let’s take a look at who’s competing.

Note: there could still be some changes to the individual division along with changes to teams/team members competing. Four male athletes have withdrawn below since the original publication. Their names have been striked below.

Elite Men

There are currently 43 men on the leaderboard. Almost half, 20, competed at the 2022 CrossFit Games as an individual. Another 19 athletes were at Semifinals this past season.

2022 Individual Games Athletes (20 athletes)
Roman Khrennikov (2nd)
Ricky Garard (3rd)
Pat Vellner (6th)
Guilherme Malheiros (10th)
Cole Sager (13th)
Nick Mathew (14th)
Jonne Koski (15th)
Brent Fikowski (16th)
Dallin Pepper (19th)
Henrik Haapalainen (24th)
Guillaume Briant (26th)
Enrico Zenoni (29th)
Alexandre Caron (30th)
Colten Mertens (32nd)
Cole Greashaber (33rd)
Tudor Magda (34th)
Giorgos Karavis (37th)
Agustin Richelme (38th)
Arthur Semenov (39th)
Kealan Henry (40th)

Former Individual Games Veterans (1)
Casper Gammelmark (2019)

2022 Team Games Athletes (1)
Luke Parker (CrossFit Mayhem Independence)

2021/2022 Semifinal Athletes (19)
Fabian Beneito Selles
Travon Benton
Kaique Cerveny
Cam Crockett
Aniol Ekai
Leonel Franco
Lukas Grouleff
Lago Guiraldes
Benjamin Gutierrez
Tiago Luzes
Damian Martinez Satorres
Peter Mason
Phillip Muscarella
Sam Paquin
Matt Poulin
Ray Romanick
Jack Rozema
John Wood

2021/2022 Quarterfinal Athletes (2)
Nate Ackerman (also 2021 Games athlete 16-17 yr old division)
Fernando Llaneza
Lucas Ozaki

Elite Women

The women’s side features 38 athletes. Only 11 women competed at the Games this past season as an individual and no one from the top 16 will be at Wodapalooza. The women’s field does see the return of several CrossFit Games veterans including Sara Sigmundsdottir and Emma Cary.

2022 Individual Games Athletes (11 athletes)
Dani Speegle (17th)
Paige Semenza (21st)
Paige Powers (25th)
Rebecca Fuselier (30th)
Sydney Michalyshen (31st)
Freya Moosbrugger (32nd)
Victoria Campos (33rd)
Elisa Fuliano (35th)
Julia Kato (37th)
Elena Carratala Sanahuja (38th)
Emily Rolfe (40th)

Former Individual Games Veterans (4)
Emma Cary (2021)
Hanna Karlsson (2019)
Sara Sigmundsdottir (2015-2020)
Emma Tall (2019/2021)

2022 Team Games Athletes (3)
Andrea Nisler (CrossFit Mayhem Freedom)
Katelin Van Zyl (CrossFit Urban Energy)
Brittany Weiss (CrossFit Invictus)

2021/2022 Semifinal Athletes (13)
Nicole Burke
Constanza Cabrera
Chloe Carano
Mirakim Couvrette
Aimee Cringle
Valentina Magalotti
Oihana Moya
Lexi Neely
CeCe (Cronin) Pieper
Sydney Wells
Alexia Williams
Elizabeth Wishart
Ella Kanona Wunger

2021/2022 Quarterfinal Athletes (6)
Fernanda Dotto
Madeline Helms
Becca Merritt
Olivia Kerstetter (2022 16-17 yr old division champion)
Gracie Strachan
Cecilia Ramirez Villamil

No Qtr/Semi/Games Experience (1)
Lucia Viretti

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