From Athletes to Workouts to a High-Level Schedule, Here’s What We Know About 2023 TYR Wodapalooza So Far

We are just over a week away from the 2023 TYR Wodapalooza Fitness Festival. And while some information has been released (new format, athlete announcements, etc), there is still plenty that is still unknown. However, more information is coming in so we have compiled a list of what we know so far…

New Format

 This has been known for a while now, but if you’re just catching up the format has changed this year. Expanding from a three-day competition to four days, the elite individuals will compete on Thursday and Friday followed by the elite teams of 3 taking the competition floor on Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s a look at when the divisions are competing this year:

Prize Purse

The 2023 TYR Wodapalooza total prize purse is $500,000. However, things have changed a bit between the individual competition and the elite teams.

1st place in the elite individual division will take home $75,000. This is less than the $100,000 prize from last year. It appears as Wodapalooza is looking to enhance the elite teams of 3 division, though, as the top prize for 1st place is now $30,000. This is twice the amount the top teams took home last year.


We still don’t have the entire roster of athletes competing as the official leaderboard has yet to be released. However, Wodapalooza’s Instagram page has been been sharing athlete announcements over the past several weeks and the number of top athletes heading down to Miami is staggering.

Here’s a list of some of the notable names competing:

Elite Individuals

Pat Vellner
Sara Sigmundsdottir
Nick Mathew
Emily Rolfe
Gui Malheiros
Arielle Loewen
Dallin Pepper
Saxon Panchik
Cole Sager
Roman Khrennikov
Ricky Garard
Jonne Koski
Emma Tall
Paige Powers
Emma Cary
Brent Fikowski

Elite Teams

Cole Sager, Jayson Hopper & James Sprague
Kari Pearce, Arielle Loewen & Alex Gazan
Ricky Garard, Tim Paulson & Matt Dlugos
Brent Fikowski, Pat Vellner & Jeff Adler
Ben Smith, Alec Smith & Dane Smith
Christine Kolenbrander, Alexis Raptis & Fee Saghafi
Rich Froning, Tyler Christophel & Samuel Cournoyer
Sam Dancer, Jorge Fernandez & Joshua Al Chamma
Saxon Panchik, Scott Panchik & Spencer Panchik
Brooke Wells, Amanda Barnhart & Kristi O’Connell
Jacqueline Dahlstrom, Emma McQuaid & Sola Sigurdardottir
Jammie Simmonds, Laura Horvath & Gabi Migala
Katrin Davidsdottir, Mal O’Brien & Annie Thorisdottir
Emily Rolfe, Sara Sigmundsdottir & Katelin Van Zyl
Willy Georges, Roman Khrennikov & Jay Crouch
Jonne Koski, James Newbury & Nick Mathew
Tola Morakinyo, Borgvin Karl Gudmundsson & Khan Porter
Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer & Chandler Smith

The list above doesn’t include the athletes who will be competing that qualified through the online qualifier. There are quite a few up and coming names who qualified via this method such as Fabian Beneito Selles, John Wood, Travon Benton, Luke Parker, Olivia Sulek, Sydney Wells, Lexi Neely and Brittany Weiss…to name just a few.

Workouts (Well, just a couple…)

Based on the athlete package that was sent to athletes last week, we know there are 6 workouts for both the elite individual and elite team divisions. We also know there is a cut in those divisions before the sixth and final event.

And as of today, January 4, we know two individual workouts and one team workout. For the individual workouts, it appears that one will have two scored events – a 1RM clean & jerk and a max parallete free-standing handstand hold.

Here are the known workouts:



High-Level Schedule

Outside of know there are six workouts, we don’t know the exact timing or order. However, thanks to the athlete handbook, we do have the high-level schedule showing when the competition starts every day along with some small details.

Let’s take a look at what we know so far…


12:00 pm – Start of elite individual competition at Bayside
7:31 pm – End of competition for the day at Flagler


8:00 am – Start of competition for all divisions (except elite teams)
7:55 pm – End of competition for the day at Flagler
8:15pm – Elite individual closing ceremony at Flagler


8:00 am – Start of competition for all divisions
8:00 pm – End of competition for the day at Flagler


8:00 am – Start of competition for all divisions
6:55 pm – End of competition for 2023 TYR Wodapalooza
7:00 pm – Closing ceremony at Flagler

Heat Schedule

Based on the athlete handbook, a heat schedule will be published each day. The heats will be recalibrated after each competition day. It appears that for the elite divisions there will only be one recalibration to heats between day 1 and day 2. No other information was provided in the handbook.

The Wodapalooza App

Wodapalooza has an official app for both Android and iOS devices. The app for iPhones can be found by searching ‘TYR Wodapalooza 2023’. 

Official Leaderboard

If you download the Wodapalooza App (see above), there is a link to the leaderboard. But if you are looking for it on a desktop or don’t want to download the app, here is the link to the Wodapalooza page on Competition Corner. Currently, the leaderboard is unavailable, but it will show up when they officially release the full roster of athletes competing.

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