Sara Sigmundsdottir Sets Lifetime PR in Return to Wodapalooza

There were a lot of questions surrounding Sara Sigmundsdottir’s return to the competition floor after she was hampered by injuries last season. Sara withdrew from last year’s Wodapalooza following a knee injury and it’s been since 2019 when Sigmundsdottir was last on the CrossFit Games floor (she did finish 21st in the virtual portion of the 2020 Games). Heading into this week, many were wondering if the two-time Games podium finisher and fan favorite could get back to the big stage.

Sigmundsdottir competed in both the individual and team competition this week at the 2023 TYR Wodapalooza. And while the women’s field was missing many of this year’s Games competitors, there were plenty of reasons for Sigmundsdottir to be pleased with the week.

Sigmundsdottir ended up finishing 6th overall. Out of the eight scored events (combining the Lift Off A & B scores), she had five top 10 event finishes. Her worst performance was the parallette handstand hold where she finished 31st after coming down after 3.02 seconds. The handstand hold had several athletes drop down accidentally quickly causing a lower than anticipated score.

Her best finish was in the ‘Back to the Future’ event, a long down-and-back chipper that featured rope climbs, GHD sit-ups, kettlebell work and a mile run on the Air Assault Runner where she took 3rd place.

On the team side, Sara teamed up with Katelin Van Zyl and Victoria Campos on the Spacers Angels team. Campos was a last minute replacement for Emily Rolfe who withdrew after suffering a calf injury Friday afternoon during the individual competition.

While Spacers Angels only placed 12th overall, Sigmundsdottir set a lifetime PR on her 3RM overhead squat at 225 pounds!

But most importantly for Sigmundsdottir coming out of this weekend is that she was able to make it through all four days and 15 scored events unscathed and healthy. Now she will look ahead to the start of the CrossFit Open which begins February 16. Sara will be one of the major storylines as the 2023 Games season progresses. Stay tuned!

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