Which Events are Athletes Looking Forward to at the Rogue Invitational?

Now that we know seven of the ten (yes, 10!) events at this year’s Rogue Invitational, we wanted to find out which ones the athletes were looking forward to the most. Personally, the Back Attack and 1RM Log Lift events look interesting. And, of course we really want to see Tim Paulson on the Echo Bike during DT with a Spin. But let’s find out which events the athletes are excited about…

Lazar Djukic told The Barbell Spin that he is looking forward to the Ski Bar and DT with a Spin events. Also, if Event 1 is a ruck run, that will be one of his favorites too.

Emma McQuaid is hoping that the parallette deficit handstand push-ups are strict in the Snatch and Press event.

Rogue Invitational rookie Bailey Rogers is looking forward to the DT with a Spin event along with Event 1 which will hopefully be a trail run.

Tim Paulson (or should we say Tim Paulsend) is excited for DT with a Spin and the 1RM Log Lift events. We can’t agree more and can’t wait to see Tim send it on that final 15 cal Echo Bike…

Pat Vellner told us that he thinks the monkey bar event, The Turtle, will be a good one. Carolyne Prevost echoed that sentiment regarding the monkey bar event knowing that we still don’t know what those monkey bars are going to look like yet. Prevost also said that she is excited to do something new and different and is expecting Rogue to have a few surprises up their sleeve.

And then Saxon Panchik feels the same way we do…that all of the events announced so far look good. 

The Rogue Invitational begins tomorrow, Thursday, October 27 with a still to be announced Event 1. Then on Friday, action begins in Round Rock and runs through Sunday.

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