Andrew Hiller Creates Firestorm After Accusing Tia-Clair Toomey of Using PEDs

On Tuesday, Andrew Hiller, or you might know him by his Instagram handle, @HillerFit, shared a video asking the question of whether the six-time CrossFit Games champion, Tia-Clair Toomey, used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). In the 25-minute video, Hiller walks through Toomey’s Games career and shares why he thinks Toomey used PEDs during her historic run.

Hiller uses a combination of photos and competition video throughout the years to compare her physique from when she began CrossFit to now and how it appeared to fluctuate between the on- and off-season. His main focus in these comparisons end up focusing on the definition of her arms and neck.

Hiller uses Toomey’s physique changes, her increased dominance at the Games over the years and her shift in mindset/attitude while competing to support his opinion. Hiller stands by his opinion despite the fact that Toomey has never tested positive for PEDs while competing at the CrossFit Games, in Olympic Weightlifting at the Commonwealth Games or during her run at the Australian bobsled team.

So far Hiller’s video has accumulated almost 30,000 views as of the time of this publication and has garnered just as much (or more) controversy. Over 770 comments have shared on the video, with people on both sides of the debate.

Hiller followed up with a shorter 9-minute video to clarify and address some of the comments he read from his first video. And then yesterday Hiller jumped on The Sevan Podcast with special guest Hunter McIntyre where the three discuss whether Hiller should have created the video (Sevan’s main question) and if Hiller’s reasons were enough to draw his conclusion (McIntyre’s question).

Toomey has yet to address Hiller’s claims publicly.

So if you want to watch Hiller’s full video, we have posted the original video along with his follow-up and appearance on Sevan’s Podcast below. 

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