Brooke Wells Has Torn Labrum After Falling On Ice

Yesterday we reported that Brooke Wells and Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr both did not finish 24.3 this past weekend. We knew about Toomey-Orr’s wrist injury, but no one was expecting Wells’ to stop short on the workout. Wells addressed the situation yesterday afternoon on your YouTube channel where she explained she has a torn labrum.

In the video, Wells said she slipped and fell during a snow storm in Nashville the week after TYR Wodapalooza. She was carrying all of her bags from the gym, slipped on ice and fell on her shoulder. 

An MRI confirmed that Wells had a torn labrum in her shoulder. The labrum plays a critical role in joint stability and functionality. It is attached to the rim of the shoulder socket to help keep the ball of the joint in place.

So for the past two months Wells has been working around the injury in hopes that it is healed in time for Quarterfinals. She was able to do 24.1 and 24.2 well and without issue, finishing in 33rd and 35th, respectively.

YouTube video

However, swinging on the pull-up bar, especially butterfly pull-ups, causes pain. In attempt to avoid further damage, Wells did old-school kipping chest-to-bar pull-ups and then stopped after the first set of heavy thrusters. She did not attempt a bar muscle-up.

She did continue the workout by subbing in 14 strict handstand push-ups in place of the bar muscle-ups to “get in a good workout”. Her score, however, only reflects 107 reps.

Her goal now is to continue to rehab her shoulder so that it healed and ready to go by Quarterfinals. She has four weeks as Individual Quarterfinals begin April 17.

YouTube video

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