Carolina Gutierrez Responds to Failed Drug Test

Earlier today, CrossFit announced that Carolina Gutierrez, 3rd place in the Women’s 45-49 year-old age group division at the 2023 CrossFit Games, tested positive for a banned substance during in-competition testing at the Games.

Following that announcement, Gutierrez posted a video on her YouTube channel to share her side of the story. According to Gutierrez, last September her doctor informed her that her “female hormones were low” following routine testing, likely indicating that she was experience the first steps of menopause . Following that, she was prescribed two medications and a series of vitamins.

Her doctor put her on an estradiol gel, progesterol and a series of vitamins compounded by a local pharmacy in Brazil. She took all three through March of this year when she stopped taking the vitamins to avoid any cross-contamination that could occur at the pharmacy.

She continued to take the two prescribed medications, including Utrogestan, which she showed the box in her YouTube video. 

Gutierrez received notification from CrossFit about her failed drug test on September 2. She has since hired a lawyer and has appealed the findings. Gutierrez faces a 4-year suspension should the appeal not overturn the result.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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