CrossFit Games Top 30 Men & Women, Ranked by Brian Friend

Brian Friend is one of the top analysts of the CrossFit Games. Over the years, Friend has put together analysis, rankings and predictions for the CrossFit Games and many other of the off-season competitions.

Last week, Friend released his list of the Top 30 Male CrossFit Athletes of All Time…and today he published his list of the Top 30 Women. For each list, Friend joined The Sevan Podcast to discuss the rankings and walk through some of the rationale used to rank an athlete ahead of someone else.

To qualify for the list, an athlete had to compete at the CrossFit Games as an individual at least three times. Outside competitions such as the Rogue Invitational, Dubai CrossFit Championship or Wodapalooza were not factored into the rankings. Friend then used podium finishes, top 10 finishes, number of years qualified, average finish across a career and event wins as the primary statistics to rank the athletes.

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Without further adieu, here are the rankings followed by Friend’s Instagram post that shows the rankings along with the key statistics of each athlete. And make sure to watch The Sevan Podcast videos below to get some more context and understanding of why Friend ranked certain athletes where they are.

Top 30 Male CrossFit Athletes of All Time

1. Mat Fraser
2. Rich Froning, Jr.
3. Ben Smith
4. Patrick Vellner
5. Jason Khalipa
6. Scott Panchik
7. Justin Medeiros
8. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson
9. Brent Fikowski
10. Noah Ohlsen
11. Josh Bridges
12. Dan Bailey
13. Cole Sager
14. Jonne Koski
15. Graham Holmberg
16. Matt Chan
17. Mikko Salo
18. Travis Mayer
19. Samuel Kwant
20. Tommy Hackenbruck
21. Saxon Panchik
22. Spencer Hendel
23. Chris Spealler
24. Jeff Adler
25. Jacob Heppner
26. Alex Anderson
27. Alex Vigneault
28. Kyle Kasperbauer
29. Neal Maddox
30. Austin Malleolo

Top 30 Female CrossFit Athletes of All Time

1. Tia-Clair Toomey
2. Annie Thorisdottir
3. Katrin Davidsdottir
4. Kara Saunders
5. Samantha Briggs
6. Laura Horvath
7. Kristin Holte
8. Sara Sigmundsdottir
9. Kristan Clever
10. Kari Pearce
11. Brooke Wells
12. Haley Adams
13. Kristi Eramo O’Connell
14. Julie Foucher
15. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
16. Rebecca Voigt
17. Jamie Simmonds
18. Alessandra Pichelli
19. Valerie Voboril
20. Amanda Barnhart
21. Danielle Brandon
22. Gabriela Migala
23. Michelle Letendre
24. Lindsey Valenzuela
25. Chyna Cho
26. Michelle Kinney
27. Christy (Adkins) Phillips
28. Elisabeth Akinwale
29. Stacie Tovar
30. Margaux Alvarez

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