CrossFit Pleasanton to Host 24.1 CrossFit Open Live Announcement

The 24.1 CrossFit Open live announcement will feature four of the top athletes in the sport – Jeff Adler, Brent Fikowski, Alex Gazan and Alexis Raptis. CrossFit announced that two weeks ago. What they didn’t announce is where the live announcement would be held.

But you come to The Barbell Spin for the fastest news and here it is. The first live Open announcement of the 2024 CrossFit Games season will be at CrossFit Pleasanton in Pleasanton, California. 

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Over the weekend during an Instagram live on the Training Think Tank page, Alexis Raptis revealed that she would be going to Pleasanton, California, for the 24.1 Open announcement. She then questioned if she was supposed to share that yet.

So a quick Google search shows that Pleasanton is a suburb in the East Bay region of San Francisco. Digging deeper you find there is a CrossFit Pleasanton. At this point everything seems to point to this as the location of the 24.1 Open announcement.

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But maybe Alexis misspoke and meant to say Pleasant Hill. That’s the home of Diablo CrossFit. It’s hosted an Open announcement in the past. How could we see if CrossFit Pleasanton is really where the live announcement will be?

Ah, let’s look at the CrossFit Pleasanton schedule…

CrossFit Pleasanton Schedule for 24.1 CrossFit Open Live Announcement


The 24.1 Open announcement is on Thursday, February 29. CrossFit Pleasanton has the Wednesday and Thursday blocked off with no classes.

No other Wednesday or Thursday is blocked off before or after this week.

So there you have it, the 24.1 CrossFit Open Live Announcement will be coming from CrossFit Pleasanton!

We know have the who and where for both 24.1 and 24.2 Open announcements. Now we are just waiting on the 24.3 announcement…stay tuned!

YouTube video

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