Ivan Kukartsev Responds to Failed Drug Test; Alleges Someone Spiked His Drink

Yesterday, it was announced that Ivan Kukartsev was among several athletes to test positive for a banned substance while competing at Semifinals. Kukartsev won the Asia Semifinal and was set to make his rookie debut at the CrossFit Games until he was notified by CrossFit that he failed his drug test.

Following yesterday’s announcement, Kukartsev made a statement on Instagram about the situation. Originally published in Russian, I have posted the English translation…

“Ernest Hemingway once bet that he would write the shortest story that could touch anyone. I’m disqualified.

“It was a great year. I distinguished myself many times. The most important thing: I was first in the Quarterfinals, first in the Semifinals and first in the disqualification. About a week ago I received an [email] about a positive doping test. I was sure the laboratory technician who checked it had been misled by demons and I asked for Sample B. But nothing changed. Sample A and B are positive for prohibited substances GW1516 and LGD4033. Without thinking twice, I took all my dietary supplements, creatine and junk to the laboratory, which will show the full composition and, if anything happens, reveal something dirty.

“I don’t want to turn into a schizophrenic but knowing our “favorite” CrossFit ru. [sic] community I can assume that someone will throw some spice into my bottle. As a matter of fact, I am an irresponsible person and always kept my backpack open. Almost all three days of competition, when I came to the site, the neck of the bottle from which I drank was sticking out of my open backpack.

“Let me draw your attention to the fact that it was the active forms of the substance that were discovered. This means that I ate the pill(s) the day before the drug test. This fact confirms the absurdity of the whole situation.

“If only metabolites (residual substances of drugs) were found in me, then I could still be pulled under the false bazaar that I used something, did not cleanse myself well, and burned. But no, go to hell, it looks like a set up in its purest form.

“At the moment I am waiting for results from the laboratory, after which I will write an “explanatory report” if something is found in the dietary supplements.

“Now the term of punishment has not been determined for me, but without any evidence of my innocence it will be a four-year sanction.

“Being a conscientious person, I have always been against the use of doping in the profession. Knowing the severe penalties that follow for these tricks, I have never used illegal substances to gain an advantage in the competitive arena. I made myself, every day from year to year I went to training, which sometimes made me sick to my stomach, but I endured and believed in myself and my goal. No amount of pharmaceuticals or supplements will help if you are weak in spirit and in your head. You can only shit yourself quickly, but I managed it and not quickly.

“Okay, I’m not giving up CrossFit, I’ll see it through to the end, and then we’ll see.

“P.S. And I almost forgot, I know that many people were waiting for my disqualification, so cover the clearing jackals, today is your day.”

Kukartsev has appealed the drug test with CrossFit.

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