Latin America Regional Events Modified Due to Truck Strike in Brazil

While athletes were running on an AirRunner during Triple 3 and bench pressing on Linda in Nashville, Tennessee, the Latin America Regional athletes were running outside and doing push press on Linda.

Thanks to a trucking strike in Brazil, Rogue Fitness was unable to deliver its equipment to the regional venue. The organizers of the Latin America Regional had to scramble to get enough equipment for this weekend. With the help of local affiliates, CrossFit has enough Concept2 rowers, Assault Bikes and other equipment.

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Right now, it appears that the only modification on Saturday will be the handstand walk obstacle course. Only half of the ramps made it to the venue so only one of the two elements were used during the team event on Friday.

Thanks to the CrossFit community, the first Latin America Regional was a success on Friday. Two more days until the first individual Latin American athletes qualify for the Games since 2014.

Standings after Day 1 (only one athlete advances):

1) Andre Sanches (194)
2) Manuel Gallegos (170)
3) Luis Perez (146)

1) Simona Qunitana (156)
2) Anita Pravatti (152)
3) Tata Rebane (150)
6) Brenda Castro (136)

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