The CrossFit Triple Crown? Dave Castro Discusses the Concept on His Week in Review

The concept has been floating around for a few years and since the 2023 CrossFit Games the chatter has gotten louder. But after Dave Castro’s Week in Review last night, the CrossFit Triple Crown got a little closer to becoming a reality.

After responding to viewer comments, Castro broached the idea of a ‘Triple Crown’ to end the show. He said he had looking into the idea of having three big CrossFit events throughout the year result in a combined Triple Crown title.

As more of a proof-of-concept, Castro looked at the CrossFit Games, Rogue Invitational and the upcoming 2024 TYR Wodapalooza as the three competitions that would make up an unofficial Triple Crown.

So he had his team (i.e. Dave Eubanks) “crunch the numbers” to see what it would look like after two events (Games and Rogue Invitational). To be eligible for the Triple Crown, Dave’s proposal would be that you have to finish inside the Top 20 at the CrossFit Games. From there, they would earn additional points if they competed at the Rogue Invitational and TYR Wodapalooza.

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Castro ran through the “standings”, but I’ve also crunched the numbers (it took a couple minutes) and have put them in a table below.

Women’s “Unofficial” Triple Crown Standings

Rank Athlete Games Rogue Total
1 Laura Horvath 1 1 2
2 Emma Lawson 2 3 5
3 Gabriela Migala 4 4 8
4 Alex Gazan 5 5 10
5 Arielle Loewen 3 8 11
6 Emma Cary 8 6 14
7 Danielle Brandon 9 7 16
8 Paige Powers 10 13 23
9 Emily Rolfe 12 15 27
10 Karin Freyova 14 17 31
11 Bethany Flores 15 16 31
12 Paige Semenza 18 14 32
13 Shelby Neal 19 19 38

*Did not compete at Rogue Invitational: Alexis Raptis, Katrin Davidsdottir, Emma Tall, Annie Thorisdottir, Olivia Kerstetter, Jamie Simmonds & Elisa Fuliano

Men’s “Unofficial” Triple Crown Standings

Rank Athlete Games Rogue Total
1 Jeff Adler 1 2 3
2 Pat Vellner 2 1 3
3 Roman Khrennikov 3 3 6
4 Brent Fikowski 4 4 8
5 Dallin Pepper 5 8 13
6 Jay Crouch 8 9 17
7 Chandler Smith 7 13 20
8 Jelle Hoste 10 11 21
9 Lazar Djukic 9 14 23
10 Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson 11 12 23
11 Jonne Koski 6 20 26
12 Noah Ohlsen 16 10 26
13 Bayley Martin 12 16 28
14 Will Moorad 14 18 32

**Did not compete at Rogue Invitational: Justin Medeiros, Sam Kwant, Spencer Panchik, Colten Mertens, Nick Mathew & Uldis Upenieks

The Unofficial Triple Crown

As you can see in the standings above, only 13 women and 14 men would be eligible for Castro’s unofficial Triple Crown. Some of this is due to the fact that Rogue only sends an automatic invite to the top 15 men and women with the remaining 5 spots going to the top online qualifiers. 

His first pass at how each stage is calculated was similar to the Open scoring format. That is, 1st place gets 1 point. 2nd place gets 2 points and so on. Lowest point total after all three stages would be crowned the winner.

Of course, the success of something like the Triple Crown would require the top athletes to compete in all three competitions. So, the biggest question is, who will compete at the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza? 

While some big names have been announced so far (Ricky Garard, Dani Speegle, Gui Malheiros), only Arielle Loewen and Pat Vellner have confirmed they will be competing as an individual this January.

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