CrossFit Foundation to Award 50 School Fund Grants

CrossFit announced this week that it has committed to awarding 50 CrossFit Foundation School Fund Grants in the first half of 2024. Each $10,000 grant helps domestic and international schools that want to form non-profit affiliates for students.

The program has awarded 57 grants since its inception in 2019 and there are currently 407 school affiliates operating around the world today.

“We know that healthier people make the world around them better, so our goal is to bring the life-changing potential of CrossFit to more people, in more ways,” said Don Faul, CEO of CrossFit. “Change happens at a local level, and these grants are helping schools introduce the concept of fitness for a lifetime to one child at a time. As a result, kids across the world are developing a lifelong love of fitness, gaining confidence, and becoming part of a supportive community at a critical age.”

These CrossFit school affiliates are run by athletic directors and educators, many of which are also affiliate owners. One of those examples is at Apollo High School in Henderson, Kentucky.

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“We live in a contradictory moment where people are obsessed with health, but almost everything on tap from the mainstream is detrimental to health, in turn creating disease, disempowerment, and disconnection,” said Nicole Carroll, CrossFit’s Chief Brand Officer. “At a time when the world is in a physical, mental, and social health crisis, we want to empower the next generation to take on anything that comes their way, whether adversity or adventure.”

The grants are funded by the CrossFit Foundation, the charitable arm of CrossFit, LLC. This Foundation works with public school districts, individual schools and teachers to provide scholarships for CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Courses in addition to equipment grants to help set up gyms.

To apply for a CrossFit Foundation School Fund Grant, go to

In addition to the grant program, CrossFit announced a new online CrossFit Educators Course this week. The course is designed for educators, trainers, coaches and parents between the ages of 3 to 11 to provide a safe, effective and age-appropriate methods for teaching CrossFit to children and adolescents. To learn more or register, head over to

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