Former Misfit Athletics Co-Founder Seth Page Launching New Program, Jump Ship Training

Seth Page was one of the co-founders of Misfit Athletics. For over five years, Page along with Drew Crandall put out daily competitor programming online for athletes looking to compete at the CrossFit Regionals and/or CrossFit Games. Based out of Portland, Maine, the Misfit Athletics crew created a large following around the world and has helped numerous athletes make it to the biggest stage in the sport.

But while Misfit Athletics continues to put out programming, Page has parted ways with his old crew and is launching a new training program, Jump Ship Training.

The program launches on Monday, January 6. The main program will fit within a 90-minute window for those looking to increase their fitness without spending all day in the gym. The cost is $29/month and spots are limited for the program launch.

In addition, for competitive athletes who have time put in more work, a full competitor program will also be available. The website will go live on Sunday, January 5 where you can sign up.

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