Will Moorad, Saxon Panchik Are Latest PRVN Athletes Headed to Down Under Championship

The Down Under Championship is looking more and more to be a PRVN party. Yesterday, Will Moorad and Saxon Panchik were the latest PRVN Fitness athletes to commit to competing at the Down Under Championship in Australia this November.

Moorad and Panchik join fellow PRVN Fitness athletes Tia-Clair Toomey and Brooke Wells headed to Oz. Toomey and Wells will be joined by fellow Games athlete and Australian Ellie Turner.

It appears that both Moorad and Panchik will be competing in the men’s division…and most likely on the same team. So who joins the PRVN guys on the competition floor? Could we see one of their fellow Nashville training partners John Coltey or Streat Hoerner join them? Or maybe Justin Medeiros (since Ellie Turner will already be there)?

The 2022 Down Under Championship is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest competitions of the off-season with quite a few notable Games athletes competing. So far at least 11 CrossFit Games veterans will be competing and it seems like there might be a few more announcements coming soon. In addition to all the PRVN athletes already mentioned, the following have committed to competing: Ricky Garard, Khan Porter, Maddie Sturt, Lauren Fisher, Royce Dunne and Jay Crouch.

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