Rogue Invitational Field is Set

(Updated at 3:36)

After slowing sharing athletes who will be competing at the Rogue Invitational on its Instagram page, men’s and women’s field is set after Rogue published a list of competitors on its website.

The men’s field is as expected. All of the top 15 men from this year’s CrossFit Games will be in attendance along with the top 5 from The Q, Rogue’s online qualifier.

The women’s field is a bit different.

Five of the top 15 women have declined their invite. Tia-Clair Toomey, Mal O’Brien, Brooke Wells, Hayley Adams and Kristi Eramo O’Connell all declined their invitation to compete.

For Toomey, the decision to sit out the competition, is not a complete surprise as she continues to slowly get back into training after injuring her back prior to the Games. Toomey will, however, be competing on a team at the Down Under Championship alongside PRVN teammate Brooke Wells.

Hayley Adams, not on the list, appears to have been a late scratch after being confirmed to compete by Rogue on September 7.

No word on why O’Brien and O’Connell have elected to sit this one out.

The five athletes filling in for those athletes are Annie Thorisdottir, Carolyne Prevost, Matilde Garnes, Dani Speegle and Ellie Turner.

Thorisdottir was one of the first athletes that Rogue confirmed would be competing, likely a sign that Toomey had declined her invite early in the process. Garnes finished 6th in The Q and was added to the official roster yesterday. 

And Rogue rounded out the roster with Speegle, Turner and Prevost who finished in 17th, 18th and 23rd, respectively.

With that, the field is set. 20 men, 20 women and a $1.25 million prize purse. It all takes place in Austin, Texas, on October 28-30. Stay tuned!

Men Women
Justin Medeiros (1st at Games) Laura Horvath (3rd at Games)
Roman Khrennikov (2nd at Games) Danielle Brandon (4th at Games)
Ricky Garard (3rd at Games) Emma Lawson (6th at Games)
Sam Kwant (4th at Games) Kara Saunders (7th at Games)
Jeff Adler (5th at Games) Gabriela Migala (8th at Games)
Pat Vellner (6th at Games) Alexis Raptis (10th at Games)
Jayson Hopper (7th at Games) Arielle Loewen (11th at Games)
Lazar Ðukić (8th at Games) Emma McQuaid (12th at Games)
Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson (9th at Games) Amanda Barnhart (14th at Games)
Guilherme Malheiros (10th at Games) Jacqueline Dahlstrom (15th at Games)
Saxon Panchik (11th at Games) Dani Speegle (17th at Games)
Noah Ohlsen (12th at Games) Ellie Turner (18th at the Games)
Cole Sager (13th at Games) Carolyne Prevost (23rd at Games)
Nick Mathew (14th at Games) Manon Angonese (1st in The Q)
Jonne Koski (15th at Games) Olivia Kerstetter (2nd in The Q)
Chandler Smith (1st in The Q) Andrea Solberg (3rd in The Q)
Jorge Fernandez (2nd in The Q) Anikha Greer (4th in The Q)
Scott Tetlow (3rd in The Q) Bailey Rogers (5th in The Q)
Jack Farlow (4th in The Q) Matilde Garnes (6th in The Q)
Tim Paulson (5th in The Q) Annie Thorisdottir (Team at Games)


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