Henrik Haapalainen, Emily Claw Announced as 24.2 Winners

Last night CrossFit announced the worldwide winners of 24.2, but it was not without controversy. In a press release, CrossFit released a statement outlining penalties assessed and that CrossFit has declared Henrik Haapalainen and Emily Claw as the worldwide winners of the 24.2 Open workout. 

Tudor Magda originally had the best score following the score submission deadline. Magda’s score of 1,001 reps was the highest in the world. But following video review, CrossFit assessed a 20% penalty for “consistent lack of hip extension in the deadlift”. Magda’s score was adjusted to 800 reps. The penalty took Magda from 1st place on 24.2 to 8,723rd in the world.

The penalty moved Haapalainen up to 1st place, but Haapalainen also received a scoring adjustment. Haapalainen received a one rep penalty, lowering his score to 997 reps, for only completing 49 double-unders in Round 7. With the worldwide best score, Haapalainen will receive $2,024.

On the women’s side, Emily Claw submitted the best score with 926 reps. Claw, however, did not have a video of her performance to validate her score. In the statement released last night, CrossFit has declared Claw the 24.2 winner in the women’s division. “Claw performed the workout at an affiliate and her score of 926 was validated. However, no video footage is available so Claw is not eligible to receive prize money,” stated CrossFit in the press release.

Penalizing Magda while allowing Claw’s score to stand without a video created quite a stir. Andrew Hiller went live before the official announcement when it was revealed that Claw had not recorded her workout and Craig Richey published a video questioning the decision.

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