Jason Smith Failed Drug Test & Will Not Compete at CrossFit Games

Less than a week before the start of the CrossFit Games and another athlete has tested positive for a banned substance. Jason Smith, the qualifier out of Africa, tested positive for exogenous 5a-androstane-3a,17b-diol (5aAdiol) and 5b-androstane-3a,17b-diol (5bAdiol).

Smith is appealing the result, but the 35-year-old Games veteran has been provisionally suspended by CrossFit and will not be allowed to compete at the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

In response to the announcement Smith shared a post on Instagram…

“Completely shattered. Speechless and have so many questions.

I have been living in a nightmare the past week after receiving a [sic] email from CrossFit to say I’ve failed a drug test almost 2 months after Semifinals, and will not be competing at the CrossFit Games.

“For anyone who knows me, knows how against using Performance Enhancers I am to gain any advantage in sport or CrossFit.

“I have competed in CrossFit for 14 years, I own 2 CrossFit gyms, and have only encouraged health and fitness through CrossFit training. There is no reason for me to do this, or current explanation of how this has happened. I am getting legal and medical advice and will be appealing the decision by CrossFit.

“This is not an apology nor am I seeking sympathy. I do however appreciate those who support me during this time as this is something I’ve never imagined to have happened or to deal with, but I will get to the bottom of this!”

As a result of the suspension, CrossFit invited second-place finisher at the Africa Semifinal, Conrad Winnertz. Conrad, however, declined his invitation due to an injury. 

Both banned substances are an anabolic steroid.

Smith is the third athlete from Africa to test positive for a banned substance during in-competition drug testing at Semifinals. Angelique Connoway and Trent Williams, both team athletes, failed drug tests and have received 4-year sanctions.

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