PRVN Adds Kerstetter, Helgadottir, Nievas to its Roster for 2023 CrossFit Games Season

PRVN Fitness is adding to its stable of athletes as the start of the 2023 CrossFit Games season kicks off. The Nashville, Tennessee-based camp was founded by Shane Orr and Tia-Clair Toomey and has athletes like Brooke Wells, Saxon Panchik, Will Moorad and Nick Mathew under its umbrella. Now, as we enter the 2023 season, the PRVN team is growing.

Olivia Kerstetter, Thuri Helgadottir, Sasha Nieves and PRVN Team members Andrea Nisler, Taylor Williamson, Tim Paulson and Tola Morakinyo are now working with the PRVN crew. While most of the big name PRVN athletes have historically done their training out of CrossFit East Nashville, the addition marks a strategic shift in that PRVN will be working with more remote athletes who have Games aspirations.

Kerstetter has won the Teen division at the CrossFit Games the past two seasons, first in the 14-15 year old division and in the 16-17 year old division in 2022. Kerstetter, who has been coached by Games veteran Jacob Heppner the past two seasons, described why she decided to work with PRVN, “I chose PRVN because of all the amazing coaches that put their all into making me the best athlete I can be and for believing in me! I am SO excited for the future with PRVN and to continuously grow as an athlete and be surrounded by such a good group of people!!!”

Thuri Helgadottir made her first appearance at the CrossFit Games back in 2012. In total, Helgadottir has made it to the Games seven times with her best performance coming in 2019 where she finished in 9th place. Helgadottir, who lives and trains in Iceland, followed HWPO last season but will now be working with the PRVN team in 2023.

Sasha Nievas is originally from Argentina, but last season she moved to Cookeville, Tennessee, to train with the Mayhem crew. After going to the CrossFit Games as an individual in 2021, Nievas switched to the team competition last year where she went to the Games on CrossFit Mayhem Independence’s 5th place team. Nievas is now back focused on her individual career and has made the jump to PRVN. When asked why she decided to switch things up and work with PRVN, Sasha explained, “I decided to with with PRVN because I see a more personalized approach to each athlete. I know I’m in the right place. They work in a very professional way.”

And of course, the PRVN Team members are now officially working with PRVN and are coached by Nic Johnston, PRVN’s CEO.

As more and more focus is placed on the coaches and training camps of the elite athletes, PRVN has planted its flag in Nashville and is showing its strength by adding to its roster of Games-caliber athletes. 

When talking with Johnston about the growth this year, he explained, “Expansion of the PRVN roster has been something we have held off on to ensure quality in our coaching and efficiencies within our camp. One of the main drivers of our camp success has always been our unwavering dedication to these key elements.

“By executing an athlete first mindset, we have come to a point where we finally feel confident in scaling our efforts and adding athletes to the PRVN Fitness roster. With the additions of PRVN Team, and our other individual newcomers, we will continue to hold true to our company’s core values and coaching methodologies to ensure every athlete is given the tools they deserve to compete at their true potential.” 

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