Oihana Moya, Carolina Gutierrez Receive 4-Year Sanctions for Violating CrossFit’s Drug Testing Policy

CrossFit has announced that two athletes have received a 4-year sanction for violating the CrossFit Drug Testing Policy. Oihana Moya and Carolina Gutierrez both received the 4-year suspension after failing in-competition drug tests during the 2023 Games season.

Moya, the 14th place finisher at the European Semifinal, tested positive for Ostarine and metabolites of GW501516 during the in-competition drug test. Moya appealed the decision but CrossFit denied the appeal and handed out the standard 4-year sanction. Moya’s sanction runs through June 4, 2027.

Gutierrez, a masters athlete who competed in the Women’s 45-49 age group division at the 2023 CrossFit Games, failed her in-competition drug test at the Games when her sample tested positive for metabolites of GW501516. Her appeal was also denied and her sanction runs through August 3, 2027.

Moya and Gutierrez are the 6th and 7th athletes to receive a sanction for violating CrossFit’s Drug Testing Policy this season. They join Danijela Hodges, Angelique Connoway, Trent Williams, Alyssa Wilhelm and Svetlana Veselova. All seven athletes have received a 4-year sanction.

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